Fancy stuff to come later to make it look less horrid.

Format: class number, price, class name, then underneath number of units

Aerospace Craft:

Shuttles: 120

Heavy Shuttles: 90

Fighters: 1000

Gunboats: 120


LFS-1 and LFS-2 (Yacht $8) value

Ultralight Units:

Patcom: 14$ Cutter Class

98 Patcoms

Patcom Leader: 16$ Heavy Cutter

40 Leaders

Light Units:

DD-34: 34$ Tombstone class

300 DD-34s

DDG-45 45$ Deadwood class

200 DDG-45$

Medium Units:

CA-60 60$ Calvary class

72 CA-60s

CV-80 80$ Sting 'class

20 CV-80s

CA-90 90$ Lighting class

50 CA-90s

Heavy Class

BB-160 160$ Michael class


Superheavy Class

DN-200 200$ Gabriel class


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