Formal Name: Prussian Star League

Informal Name: Prussia, Prussian League

Type of Government: Constitutional Federal Monarchy

Head of State: King August Wilhelm II Hohenzollern

Prussian Cabinet: The Reichskanzler leads a Cabinet consisting of delegates from the Prussian Bureaucratic Service, the Field Marshall and the Grand Admiral, who advise the King on civil and military affairs.

Civil Service: Known as the Prussian Bureaucratic Service, handles most of the day-to-day running of the League.

Legislature: Prussian Reichstag

Judiciary: Royal Prussian Supreme Court

List of Ministries of the Prussian Bureaucratic Service:Edit

Ministry of War

Ministry of the Treasury

Ministry of Diplomacy

Ministry of Civil Defence

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Terraforming and Colonisation

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Science

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Interplanetary Affairs

Astrography and DemographicsEdit

No. of NCP points: 24

Total GDP: $61,000 (1 Home, 3 Core, 1 Mid, 3 Colonies, 1 hyperlane junction , 1 GDP boost)

Territories: U-11 V-10 V-11 T-11 V-12 V-9 U-9 U-10

New Prussia Sector

Sector Type: Home Sector

Sector Population: 60 Billion

GDP: $14,000

Location: U-11

Sector Capital: Neu Preußen

Notable Planets: Eisenbahn, Viktorwelt

Additional Notes: Warp Gate and Hyperspace Junction present

New Holstein Sector

Sector Type: Core Sector

Sector Population: 50 Billion

GDP: $10,000

Location: V-10

Sector Capital: Neu Kiel

Notable Planets: Konigwelt, Nordwelt

New Württemberg Sector

Sector Type: Core Sector

Sector Population: 50 Billion

GDP: $10,000

Location: V-11

Sector Capital: Neu Baden

Notable Planets: Kronwelt, Südwelt

New Westphalia Sector

Sector Type: Core Sector

Sector Population: 50 Billion

Sector GDP: $15,000

Location: T-11

Sector Capital: Neu Koln

Notable Planets: Neu Rheinland, Neu Breslau

Additional Notes: Hyperspace Junction Present

New Austria Sector

Sector Population: 30 Billion

Location: V-12

Sector Base GDP: $6,000

Sector Capital: Neu Wien

Notable Planets: Neu Steiermark, Neu Eisenstadt

New Bavaria Sector

Sector Population: 10 Billion

Location: V-9

Sector Base GDP: $2,000

Sector Capital: Neu München

Notable Planets: Neu Hannover, Neu Tirol

New Brandenburg Sector

Location: U-9

Sector Population: 10 Billion

Sector Base GDP: $2,000

Sector Capital: Neu Potsdam

Notable Planets: Neu Braunschweig, Neu Tirol

New Rhineland Sector

Location: U-10

Sector Population: 10 Billion

Sector Base GDP: $2,000

Sector Capital: Neu Hamburg

Notable Planets: Neu Lübeck, Ludwigwelt



30 Battleships ($300 superheavy railgun/missile platform) $9,000

50 Battlecruisers ($100 heavy railgun platform) $5,000

80 Heavy Cruisers ($100 heavy missile platform) $8,000

100 Cruisers ($75 medium missile platform) $7,500

170 Destroyers ($55 medium railgun/turret platform) $9,350

200 Frigates ($30 light missile platform) $6,000


Hussars - Elite Forces: $7,500 Cost, 100,000,000 men @ 40,000/$1 with x3 kit mulltiplier.

Reichswehr - Regular Forces: $5,000 Cost, 250,000,000 men @ 125,000/$1 with x2.5 kit multiplier

Garrison Army - Garrison Forces: $800 Cost, 160,000,000 men @ 200,000/$1 with x1 kit multiplier

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