The Star Force maintains control over assets and volume in sectors claimed by the Interstellar Union.

Star Force CraftEdit

Combat CraftEdit

Type-Lancer - interceptorEdit

  • In service: 64/64
  • Combat value: 50
  • 2× Level IX laser (fixed forward)
  • 4× Level VII laser (turrets)
  • 12× particle projectors (ventral)
  • 20-cell missile system (dorsal)

Type-Vindicator - destroyerEdit

  • In service: 32/32
  • Combat value: 150

Type-Supernova - bomberEdit

  • In service: 100/100
  • Combat value: 200

Type-Avenger - destroyerEdit

  • In service: 40/40
  • Combat value: 250

Type-Vanquisher - destroyerEdit

  • In service: 20/20
  • Combat value: 500

Type-Guardian - orbital controllerEdit

  • In service: 0/100
  • Value: 28
  • Capacity: 14
    • 50 parasite interceptor drones
    • 5 parasite attack drones

Parasite Bomber DroneEdit

  • In service: 0/5000
  • Combat value: 0.20

Parasite Interceptor DroneEdit

  • In service: 0/500
  • Combat value: 0.80

Weapons of the Star ForceEdit


An extremely high-power laser weapon. Generally arranged into batteries for relatively close-range fighting, with the largest examples to be found on guncraft such as the Supernova-class.


Seeking projectile featuring the ability to operate over interplanetary distances, and return to its launcher for refueling if it loses its target before it closes within arming range.

Plasma Shield

A ray-like projection of high-energy plasma intended to disrupt and/or redirect incoming projectiles and disperse energy weapons. Heavy armour handles the rest.

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